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Bul-Hed Corporation began as Bul-Hed Equipment Company in July 1997 as the leasing company and heavy division of Bulger Contracting Company. Mike Bulger and Ronnie Hedrick formed the company to specialize in borrow pit operations, land clearing, heavy earthmoving, reclamation, effluent spray field construction, landfill construction, wetland restoration and mitigation. In 2002, Bul-Hed was spun off and became Bul-Hed Corporation. Ronnie Hedrick became the sole owner of Bul-Hed in 2005, and subsequently, Bul-Hed Equipment Company was merged with Bul-Hed Corporation.



Bul-Hed Corporation has continuously shown steady growth, and since 1997, has completed or has under contract 50,000 acres of wetland restoration, land clearing and land reclamation. Management has over 365 combined years of construction experience with over 67,000 acres of land clearing, reclamation and wetland restoration completed.

Bul-Hed’s fleet of equipment includes over 140 pieces of heavy equipment, including tractor and scraper combinations, dozers, excavators, service trucks, specialized clay consolidation equipment, off-road water trucks, haul trucks, rollers, loaders, motorgraders, and support vehicles.