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Project: Robinson Preserve

Owner: Manatee County

Bul-Hed Corporation was contracted to perform the ecological habitat and hydrological restoration of historical farmland and borrow pits for a 490 acre Manatee County Park. The construction of the lake/tidal flow-way system included approximately 670,000 cubic yards of excavation, removal of exotic plants including Brazilian Peppers and Australian Pines from over 80 acres, storm water piping and control structures, the relocation of 220 LF of existing 16 inch water main, installation of over 600,000 estuarine marsh plants in a Wetland Mitigation Area, and appurtenances. Bul-Hed was also responsible for construction of parking areas, construction of three (3) vehicular timber bridges, a 40 foot tall observation tower, and several thousand feet of meandering wooden boardwalks leading to the Manatee River and Perico Bay. The project was completed well ahead of schedule and substantially under the County’s budget.


Project: Streamsong Golf Courses

Owner: Mosaic Fertilizer, L.L.C.

Bul-Hed Corporation was contracted by Mosaic Fertilizer to enlarge an existing lake known at the time as “Red 6.” After working closely with the two course designers, Coore & Crenshaw, and Tom Doak’s Renaissance Golf Design, Mosaic contracted Bul-Hed to perform the major earthwork for both eighteen hole courses. In addition to excavation and “rough shaping” of approximately 1,000,000 cubic yards, Bul-Hed was also responsible for installing approximately 6,300 feet of RCP, 2,600 feet of pressure pipe, 5,000 feet of communication cable, clearing and burning of sensitive areas, and 16 custom water control structures. The work was completed over the span of 15 months.


Project: FCL-HPB(2) Reclamation and Mitigation

Owner: Mosaic Fertilizer, L.L.C.

Bul-Hed was selected as the contractor for the reclamation and mitigation of 185 acres of mined out land. The project required the excavation and relocation of over 2,000,000 cubic yards in construction of over 90 acres of wetlands and lake systems which are in the Hooker’s Prairie watershed. The project was started in June of 2011 and completed in November of the same year.

Project: Tenoroc Wetlands (BDN-T-C)/North Lake Parker Wetlands/Tenoroc Phase III A,B, and C

Owner: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Bul-Hed was awarded five projects, spanning between 2005 and 2012, by the FDEP and were all part of a continuing effort to restore the ecological and hydrological balances of Upper Peace River and Saddle Creek disturbed by mining which occurred in the 1940’s. The five contracts reclaimed and restored over 3,200 acres of mined areas. Old Lands clay settling areas were consolidated and wetlands reclaimed in an effort to enhance existing wetlands and uplands, progress wildlife and habitat diversity, improve fisheries management by FDEP, and naturally treat stormwater entering surrounding lakes and ponds which are the headwaters of the Peace River basin. The projects involved excavation and placement of over 4,000,000 cubic yards of material, several thousand acres of heavy clearing of exotic and non-native species, clay consolidation, pipe and control structure installation, spillway abandonment and reconstruction, and installation and maintenance of several million herbaceous and upland plants.

Project: IMC N-20 and 022 Old Lands Reclamation and Mitigation

Owner: Progress Energy

Progress Energy contracted Bul-Hed to perform the reclamation of 558 acres of Old Lands which included the construction of over 30 miles of ditching, consolidation of phosphatic clay, clearing of the entire parcel, excavation and grading of 350,000 cubic yards of material. The revegetation phase consisted of the installation of over 36,000 upland trees planted on 111 acres of upland forest and 200,000 wetland and herbaceous plants in a 192 acre constructed wetland area. The project was completed ahead of schedule to allow the project to serve as collection for cooling pond water for the Bartow power plant.

Project: Hurricane Charlie Debris Handling at Polk County Landfills

Owner: Polk County

Bul-Hed Corporation was tasked with an Emergency Order to mobilize equipment to all landfills in Polk County a few hours after Hurricane Charlie hit in 2004. Task Orders included the construction of debris disposal areas, handling debris at all landfill locations, and construction of new FDOT turning lanes. The turning lanes construction began on Saturday morning and was completed 36 hours later! Bul-Hed was also tasked with the construction of a new Class III cell at the North Central Landfill, Winter Haven, Florida which was completed in less than 10 days from the start of construction. Approximately 2,000,000 cubic yards of debris was handled in the effort.